We provide supreme location service for different visual productions such as TVC, film & photo shoots!

Phase I: Location Moods & Proposals

First, we put together a Location Moods presentation according to the script using our far-reaching database. If we're lucky and we hit the jackpot in phase one, we'll be able to skip the creative scouting and move on directly to phase three.

Phase II: Creative Scouting

After narrowing down our options we hit the road to find the best locations our region has to offer. Each scouting day will culminate with summary and beautiful photos of our findings in your mailbox. We also try our best to find out all the circumstances and location specifications during the scouting phase.

Phase III: Permissions and Contracts

We always try to be as production-friendly as possible and get the best deals. Meantime we also have to care for the wellbeing of the location.

Phase IV: Set Management

We’ll be the first ones on the set and the last ones to leave. With our customized Location Van full of necessary inventory we will fulfill the needs of any kind of production. From walkie-talkies to tables and benches, from pop-up tents to generators. Our Location Managers will handle the most complex company moves and productions. We’ll set it up, take it down and clean it!