We are constantly looking for new locations!

If you would like to send us your property for our location archive, we would love to see it.

* Minimum apartment size requirement is 60 sqmr.
* Send images via wetransfer, drive or dropbox link
Examples of images taken from different locations.

Use the form to send us photos and give us some key information about the location.

By submitting your location information (including photos) you give Location Unit OÜ and it's subsidiaries the permission to use them for commercial purposes including marketing and other. By accepting terms and conditions you give a permission to Location Unit OÜ and i's subsidiaries to edit & present the information as Location Unit sees fit and acknowledge that the main purpose of submitting your location is to attract film projects to the location. All terms and conditions for filming will be agreed upon in a separate contract/deal done in written or oral format. With any questions/proposals please write an e-mail to info@locationunit.ee